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The Detective



The Detective
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NR,1hr 54min
January 1, 1968
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: Frank Sinatra gives a gritty performance in the crime thriller The Detective. When Teddy Leikman, the homosexual son of a politically connected department-store magnate, is murdered, detective Joe Leland (Frank Sinatra) is sent in to investigate. Leland drags in Teddy's psychotic former roommate Felix Tesla (Tony Musante) and forces a confession out of him; for his work on the case Leland gets a promotion, which troubles him. Afterwards, Norma MacIver (Jacqueline Bisset), the widow of a well-heeled ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
A lurid, jumbled storyline and a Frank Sinatra-on-autopilot performance are major setbacks for this ambitious -- if reactionary -- late-'60s crime thriller. Though it predates the notorious Cruising by more than a decade, The Detective peppers its plot with the grisly particulars of a murder of a young, prominent gay man in Manhattan. As if flinching from the initially shocking material, screenwriter ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Joe Leland
Norma Maciver
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The Detective
The Detective
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