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The Dead Zone



The Dead Zone
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R,1hr 44min
Paramount Pictures
Synopsis: Christopher Walken plays a schoolteacher, Johnny Smith, who awakens from a five-year coma. He discovers that he has acquired the ability to foretell a person's future simply by touching his or her hand. After seeing several examples, Smith's doctor (Herbert Lom) becomes convinced that Smith can not only predict the future, but also has the power to change it. This ability is given its severest test when Smith shakes the hand of ruthless political candidate Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen) -- and suddenly ... Full Synopsis
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Featured Cast
Johnny Smith
Sarah Bracknell
Sheriff Bannerman
Dr. Sam Weizak
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The Dead Zone
The Dead Zone [Special Collector's Edition]
The Dead Zone
The Dead Zone [Hong Kong]
The Dead Zone
The Dead Zone
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