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The Crater Lake Monster



The Crater Lake Monster
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PG,1hr 25min
Rhino Home Video
Synopsis: This bargain-basement dinosaur romp finds a backwoods community terrorized by a massive plesiosaur, aroused from its hibernation at the bottom of Crater Lake by a meteorite impact. A dull police manhunt subplot drags things down in the second act, but there's some cheesy fun to be had as long as David Allen's lumbering stop-motion beastie is onscreen, munching down on the locals like a lumpy, waterlogged beast from 20,000 Fathoms. This drive-in favorite is notable mainly as an example of the burgeoning ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Sheriff Steve Hanson
Arnie Chabot
Mitch Kowalski
Richard Calkins
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The Crater Lake Monster
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