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The Boys in Company C



The Boys in Company C
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R,2hrs 7min
Henstooth Video
Synopsis: Cowritten by director Sidney J. Furie, The Boys in Company C charts the fortunes of five young Marine recruits. Led by Stan Shaw, the quintet is shipped off to Vietnam. The film makes no bones about the demoralizing effect the war has on its participants, nor the pigheadedness of the military higher-ups who think only in terms of body counts and photo ops. Of the five recruits, the most memorable are Michael Lembeck as Vinnie Fazio, the resident wiseguy (the same type of role played by Lembeck's ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Tyrone Washington
Billy Ray Pike
Alvin Foster
Vinnie Fazio
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The Boys in Company C
The Boys in Company C [Blu-ray]
The Boys in Company C
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