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The Arrival



The Arrival
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PG13,1hr 49min
May 31, 1996
Orion Pictures Corporation
Synopsis: A shy radio telescope operator named Zane Ziminski (Charlie Sheen) picks up a series of regular signals coming from space -- and deliberately pointed toward Earth. Convinced that he has discovered alien transmissions, Ziminski is first chastised and then fired by his boss (Ron Silver). Obsessed, he builds a makeshift radio telescope in his house to find out where the signals were sent. Convinced that they're intended for aliens already hidden on Earth, he tracks them to a bleak, isolated Mexican ... Full Synopsis
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Zane Ziminski
Phil Gordian
Ilana Green
Baby, It's PooIf your day-to-day life is filled with pacifiers and diapers, then congratulations --...
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The Arrival
The Arrival [Blu-ray]
The Arrival [Blu-ray]
The Arrival
The Arrival [Bilingual]
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