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Texas Carnival



Texas Carnival
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NR,1hr 17min
October 5, 1951
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Synopsis: MGM's new musical screen team of Esther Williams and Howard Keel were given plenty to do in the pleasant if unambitious songfest Texas Carnival. Williams plays Debbie Telford, one-half of a carnival performing team. The other half is Corny Quinnell (Red Skelton), who breaks up the act when he is mistaken for Texas millionaire Dan Sabinas (Keenan Wynn). Living high on the hog in Sabinas' absence, Corny manages to smooth the romantic path for Debbie and ranch foreman Slim Shelby (Keel), while he dallies ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
As Texas Carnival amply demonstrates, you don't watch an Esther Williams movie for its screenplay (let alone its plot); you watch it to see what Williams does in the water. Texas Carnival skimps somewhat on the aquatic star's time in the water, but the one big ballet it provides is a doozy. Choreographer Hermes Pan and MGM's special-effects technicians do an excellent job of superimposing the star's ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Debbie Telford
Cornie Quinell
Slim Shelby
Sunshine Jackson
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Texas Carnival
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