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Tender Is the Night



Tender Is the Night
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2hrs 26min
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: David O. Selznick had intended to film an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night as a vehicle for his wife Jennifer Jones. But financial difficulties compelled Selznick to sell the property (including Ms. Jones' services) to 20th Century-Fox. Jones stars as a wealthy but disturbed woman of the 1920s who marries her psychiatrist (Jason Robards Jr.). They live together at her Riviera estate, where the doctor's analytical skills atrophy. As Jones grows stronger, the doctor becomes totally ... Full Synopsis
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The works of F. Scott Fitzgerald do not translate easily to the screen, and Tender Is the Night, while not a bad movie, is no exception. Ivan Moffat does a decent job of adapting this difficult work, but inevitably the characterizations are not as sharply observed, and the nuance that is so essential is often lost; as a result, the motivations of the characters are unconvincing, coming across at times ... Read Review
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Nicole Diver
Dick Diver
Baby Warren
Abe North
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Tender Is the Night
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