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Street Trash



Street Trash
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NR,1hr 31min
January 1, 1986
Synapse Video
Synopsis: This shocker will most likely appeal to fans of pitch-black beyond-bad-taste comedy. Others may find it highly offensive and gory as it chronicles the fate of homeless Brooklyn winos when they get into some tainted wine and begin melting into slimy puddles of human goo. The wine, called "Tenafly Viper," is being sold by the owner of a liquor store who found it lying around in his basement and sells it to the bums for a buck. It is later revealed that the wine was deliberately spiked by the government. ... Full Synopsis
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Bill the Cop
Kevin, Fred's Brother
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Street Trash
Street Trash [Special Edition] [2 Discs]
Street Trash [Special Meltdown Edition] [Blu-ray]
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