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Stand up and Cheer



Stand up and Cheer
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NR,1hr 20min
Fox Film Corporation
Synopsis: Based on an idea by Will Rogers, the story concerns the efforts by the President of the United States to get the public's mind off the Depression. To this end, he appoints Broadway impresario Lawrence Cromwell (Warner Baxter) to the new cabinet position of "Secretary of Amusement." Wasting no time, Cromwell sets about to nationalize the entertainment industry, organizing singers, dancers, actors and other variety artists into batallion-like touring units. Cromwell is fought at every turn by a cartel ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
For something that was supposed to be a "feel good" movie, Fox Studios' Stand Up and Cheer seems curiously grim when seen today. This "happy-go-lucky" musical seems at times to be as carefree as a funeral dirge: The two musical production numbers performed by Nick (later Dick) Foran, "I'm Laughin'" and "We're Out of the Red," are as grotesquely photographed and staged as a Frankenstein picture, while ... Read Review
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Lawrence Cromwell
Mary Adams
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Stand Up and Cheer
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