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R,1hr 26min
Universal Studios
Synopsis: Young and troubled teen Mary (Liane Balaban) is obsessed with horror movies -- aren't we all! -- and refuses to stop watching them even though she has hideously bloody nightmares and sleepwalks into traffic. Her school psychiatrist (Ron Silver) is powerless to keep her from seeing a new hit movie called "The Wisher," in which a pale-faced, razor-fingered, cloaked demon obeys wishes in the most terrible manner. What do you know, once Mary sees the movie, her wishes start coming true, which is bad ... Full Synopsis
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Yet another variation on a very familiar theme -- high school students haunted by a ghastly specter that slices them up like so many spare ribs -- Spliced isn't really very bad for the genre and formula. Production values are good, the acting is okay, and the script develops a grounded mystery involving humans instead of explaining everything away with supernatural mumbo jumbo. Is it scary? It might ... Read Review
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