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Son of Lassie



Son of Lassie
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G,1hr 42min
Warner Home Video
Synopsis: Son of Lassie is about a courageous collie named Laddie, played by a dog named "Pal". A sequel to Lassie Come Home, the film stars Peter Lawford and June Lockhart as the grown-up counterparts of the characters played in the earlier film by Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor. When WW2 breaks out, young Yorkshireman Joe Carraclough (Lawford) signs up with the British air force, bringing Laddie along. The inquisitive canine sneaks aboard the plane which takes Joe on his first mission. Their aircraft ... Full Synopsis
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Son of Lassie does prove, rather unfortunately, that the apple can indeed fall pretty far from the tree. A big step down from Lassie Come Home, Son doesn't begin to follow in its mother's pawprints. It's not the dog actor's fault, as Pal played Lassie herself in the original. Blame it on the scriptwriters, who somehow seemed to think that the offspring of the world's smartest dog should be a contender ... Read Review
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Joe Curraclough
Sam Curraclough
Duke of Rudling
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Son of Lassie
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