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Some Kind of Hero



Some Kind of Hero
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R,1hr 37min
Legend Films
Synopsis: Richard Pryor gives a compelling performance in Some Kind of Hero, playing a Vietnam veteran who tries to readjust to civilian life. Pryor plays Eddie Keller, who has just spent five years in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp. Most of the time there, Eddie was able to hold his own against his captors, but he eventually was forced to sign a statement denouncing United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Eddie decided to sign the document in order to insure that his friend Vinnie (Ray Sharkey) ... Full Synopsis
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Trying to mix comedy and dead-serious drama is a tricky business, and something that Some Kind of Hero just isn't able to do as effectively as it would like. It doesn't totally fail at it by any means, but this is the kind of trick that has to succeed 100 percent; anything less, and it just doesn't work. Hero is further hampered by a structure that by necessity divides it into what seem like two separate ... Read Review
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Eddie Keller
Col. Powers
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Some Kind of Hero
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