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Shanghai Noon



Shanghai Noon
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PG13,1hr 50min
May 26, 2000
Touchstone Pictures
Synopsis: Jackie Chan has often played a fish out of water, but he's rarely found himself so far upstream as in this comic adventure, in which he puts his fighting skills to the test in the Old West of the 1850s. Lo Fong (Roger Yuan), onetime captain of the Chinese Imperial Guard, has traded upholding the law for smuggling opium. Needing some operating capital, Lo Fong kidnaps the Emperor's daughter, Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu), and takes her to America. When the Emperor sends his best men to find her, Chon ... Full Synopsis
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Chon Wang
Roy O'Bannon
Princess Pei Pei
Indian Wife
Jackie Chan, left, and Owen Wilson in "Shanghai Noon"
Jackie Chan, 54: It's how you say "action movie" in Cantonese. Chan, born in Hong Kong, has raised...
"Chuck"Thanks to the writers' strike, Season 1 of "Chuck" was a lot shorter than it was supposed to...
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Shanghai Noon
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