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Shakespeare in Love



Shakespeare in Love
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R,2hrs 2min
December 25, 1998
Synopsis: William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) is on a cold streak. Not only is he writing for Philip Henslowe (Geoffrey Rush), owner of "The Rose," a theatre whose doors are about to be closed by sadistic creditors, but he's got a nasty case of writer's block. Shakespeare hasn't written a hit in years. In fact, he hasn't written much of anything recently. Thus, the Bard finds himself in quite a bind when Henslowe, desperate to stave off another round of hot-coals-to-feet application, stakes The Rose's solvency ... Full Synopsis
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William Shakespeare
Viola De Lesseps
Philip Henslowe
Elizabeth I
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Ben Affleck in "Shakespeare in Love"
CHRIS MARTIN & GWYNETH PALTROW: With her patrician beauty and impeccable Hollywood pedigree,...
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Shakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love [Special Edition]
Shakespeare in Love
The Shakespeare in Love [Blu-ray]
Shakespeare in Love [Blu-ray]
Shakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love [Blu-ray]
Shakespeare in Love [Blu-ray/DVD]
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