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Sex and Zen



Sex and Zen
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R,1hr 39min
January 1, 1992
Media Blasters
Synopsis: Michael Mak directs this Category III box-office smash loosely based on a notorious 17th century text. Mei Yeung-sheung (Lawrence Ng) is a scholar who has a hard time keeping his mind on his studies because of his raging libido. When he cannot satisfy his appetites with his seemingly insatiable wife, Chau-yin (Amy Yip Chi-mei), he gets an operation on his undersized phallus which literally leaves him hung like a horse. He sets out to give his new addition a test drive by seducing the wife of abusive ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Choi Run Lun
Mei Yeung-sheung
Chau-yin, Shui Chu
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Sex and Zen
Sex and Zen
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