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Road Games



Road Games
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PG,1hr 40min
AVCO Embassy Pictures
Synopsis: Hollywood's Stacy Keach stars in Australia's Road Games. Keach is a truck driver who takes the law in his own hands to capture a serial killer. When the police fail to nab the murderer of hitchhikers, Keach takes to the road, conducting his own search. En route, he picks up hitcher Jamie Lee Curtis--and it is her presence that brings the killer out of hiding and into the bloody finale. Director Richard Franklin's fondness for Hitchcock, which would come to full fruition in Psycho II (1982), is very ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
This Hitchcock-influenced thriller has aged quite well thanks to its smart, low-key approach, and remains effective today because it never panders to the viewer. Everett de Roche's clever script replaces the usual sex and violence this kind of scenario might offer with a sly blend of wit and slow-burning suspense. Just as important is the fact that he populates the story's landscape with a variety ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Pat Quid
Frita Frugal
Smith or Jones
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Road Games
Cult Fiction: Road Games
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