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Requiem for a Heavyweight



Requiem for a Heavyweight
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1hr 30min
Synopsis: Harlan "Mountain" McClintock (Jack Palance) has been a professional boxer for 14 years. He's been in the ring for over 110 bouts and was once ranked number five among the world's heavyweight fighters, but age and the physical punishment of his sport have taken their toll. Now McClintock is growing too old to fight but he lacks the money to retire gracefully, as his manager Maish (Keenan Wynn) suggests he start fighting crooked or switch to professional wrestling. Ed Wynn co-stars as McClintock's ... Full Synopsis
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During his long and varied career, actor Jack Palance has been accused of overacting more than a few times. Requiem for a Heavyweight, however, offers a burgeoning Palance giving one of the most wrenching and heartfelt performances of his career. As the physically and emotionally pummeled Harlan "Mountain" McClintock, Palance's struggle with his own integrity in the face of an uncertain future is so ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Harlan "Mountain" McClintock
Grace Carney
JACK PALANCE Feb. 18, 1918 (or Feb. 18 1920) - Nov. 10, 2006 For most of his career, Jack Palance...
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