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Queen of the Damned



Queen of the Damned
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R,1hr 41min
February 22, 2002
Warner Bros. Pictures
Synopsis: The second and third novels in author Anne Rice's popular book series The Vampire Chronicles provide the inspiration for this horror sequel starring ill-fated actress and recording artist Aaliyah, who was killed in an airplane crash before the film's release. Stuart Townsend is the vampire Lestat, who has awakened from a century-long slumber and turned his considerable energy to rock music. His vampirism identity mistaken for a gothic hard rock publicity stunt along the lines of Kiss or Marilyn Manson, ... Full Synopsis
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Queen Akasha
David Talbot
Aaliyah, "Queen of the Damned" (2002) "Queen of the Damned," based on an Anne Rice vampire novel,...
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Queen of the Damned [WS]
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Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned [Blu-ray]
Queen of the Damned [French] [Blu-ray]
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