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Pootie Tang



Pootie Tang
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PG13,1hr 21min
June 29, 2001
Paramount Pictures
Synopsis: This comic spoof is spun off from a character that first appeared on The Chris Rock Show, and is written and directed by Louis C.K., one of that show's producers. Lance Crouther stars as Pootie Tang, a crime fighting superhero and recording artist who speaks in an unintelligible gibberish that seems to be a combination of Ebonics and street slang. Despite his communication problem, Pootie is a hero to children, whom he attempts to protect from the evil Dick Lecter (Robert Vaughn), a corporate fat ... Full Synopsis
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Pootie Tang
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Pootie Tang
Pootie Tang [Circuit City Exclusive] [Checkpoint]
Pootie Tang
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