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Picnic at Hanging Rock



Picnic at Hanging Rock
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NR,1hr 55min
February 2, 1975
South Australian Film
Synopsis: Peter Weir's haunting and evocative mystery is set in the Australia of 1900, a mystical place where the British have attempted to impose their Christian culture with such tweedy refinements as a girls' boarding school. After gauzily-photographed, nicely underplayed scenes of the girls' budding sexuality being restrained in Victorian corsets, the uptight headmistress (Rachel Roberts) takes them on a Valentine's Day picnic into the countryside, and several of the girls, led by the lovely Miranda (Anne ... Full Synopsis
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Mrs. Appleyard
Michael Fitzhubert
Miss Greta McGraw
Diane de Poitiers
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Picnic at Hanging Rock [Criterion Collection]
Picnic at Hanging Rock [Director's Cut] [Blu-ray]
Picnic at Hanging Rock [3 Discs] [Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray]
Picnic at Hanging Rock [Criterion Collection]
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