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Pearl of the South Pacific



Pearl of the South Pacific
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1hr 25min
Vci Video
Synopsis: Refreshingly, the tropical melodrama Pearl of the South Pacific never takes itself too seriously. Virginia Mayo heads the cast as a phony missionary, in cahoots with crooks Dennis Morgan and David Farrar. The trio intend to make off with a fortune in black pearls, which rests in an underwater shrine guarded by a huge octopus. On the verge of accomplishing the heist, the threesome are attacked by the local natives, who by now have glommed onto Virginia's duplicity. Only two of the three schemers survive ... Full Synopsis
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One can just about tell from its title that Pearl of the South Pacific is not going to be a movie that has "Best Picture Oscar" written all over it. Indeed, Pearl is a pretty dumb little picture, and if one approaches it with that in mind, it can provide a decent amount of entertainment. The entertainment, of course, doesn't come from great acting, impressive direction or an imaginative screenplay. ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Rita Delaine
Dan Merrill
Bully Hague
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Pearl of the South Pacific
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