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Paddy O'Day



Paddy O'Day
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1hr 13min
October 29, 1935
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: Eight year old Paddy O'Day (Jane Withers) arrives at Ellis Island after a long sea voyage from Ireland, to be with her mother. But her mother is nowhere to be found when the ship docks, and the authorities are notified that Mrs. O'Day has died, only a few days ago -- the little girl will have to be sent back. Paddy has only been told that her mother is ill, and manages to sneak out off the island. After encountering a group of street urchins who try to make trouble for her -- and proving that she's ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Paddy O'Day is one of those movies that, in its own unassuming away, sings the praises of the Hollywood studio system, and all the louder eight decades on than it did when released in 1935. On the one hand, it's modestly budgeted "B" picture, intended to entertain -- which it apparently did with eminent success in its own time; on the other, it shows how good even a modest little B-picture could be. ... Read Review
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Paddy O'Day
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Paddy O'Day
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