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Nine Months



Nine Months
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PG13,1hr 42min
July 14, 1995
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: A single man faces the terrifying prospect of seeing his carefree life dashed by a visit from the stork in this comedy. Samuel Falkner (Hugh Grant) is a child psychiatrist who has no kids of his own and doesn't want any, which leaves him a bit shaken when his girlfriend of five years, Rebecca Taylor (Julianne Moore) announces that she's pregnant. Suddenly, Samuel is plagued by paranoid fantasies about how marriage and fatherhood will change his life, which are not at all soothed by frequent visits ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Samuel Falkner
Rebecca Taylor
Marty Dwyer
Gail Dwyer
HUGH GRANT: For every celebrity that tried, and failed, to manage scandal with calibrated spin...
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Nine Months
Nine Months
Nine Months
Nine Months
Nine Months [Blu-ray]
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