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New Jack City



New Jack City
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R,1hr 41min
January 1, 1991
Warner Bros. Pictures
Synopsis: The ruthless leader of a New York City drug syndicate battles to maintain his power and avoid imprisonment in this fast-moving action drama. While the film's heroes are Scotty (Ice-T) and Nick (Judd Nelson), a pair of tough, streetwise cops, the main focus is their target, drug lord Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes). A criminal businessman with no room for pity or emotion, the flashy but severe Brown has built an empire and transformed an abandoned Harlem apartment building into a well-defended fortress. ... Full Synopsis
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Nino Brown
Scotty Appleton
Gee Money
Wesley Snipes: The handsome, muscle-bound 45-year-old actor was a major box-office draw in the '90s...
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New Jack City
New Jack City [2 Discs]
New Jack City [Special Edition]
New Jack City
New Jack City [French]
New Jack City [Blu-ray]
New Jack City [French] [Blu-ray]
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