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Mr. Robinson Crusoe



Mr. Robinson Crusoe
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1hr 15min
Genius Entertainment
Synopsis: Although the photography of the beautiful South Seas island and the musical score of this movie (by Alfred Newman) make this a memorable comedy, there is little else to commend it. Written and portrayed by Douglas Fairbanks, this is the story of a man who makes a bet that he can live on a deserted island for a year without any of the accouterments of the civilized world. He builds a penthouse quality abode which stretches the credulity of the viewers and, of course, a woman arrives in the picture. ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
A terribly light little romp, Mr. Robinson Crusoe is at times silly and at all times unbelievable, but it's a moderately entertaining picture. Modern viewers will most likely find their enjoyment hampered somewhat by the manner in which the natives in the film are portrayed and may also be bothered by the sexist treatment afforded the character of Saturday. Otherwise, Crusoe isn't offensive. Mixing ... Read Review
Featured Cast
William Belmont
Steve Drewel
Prof. Carmichael
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Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
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