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Miracle on 34th Street



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1hr 40min
Synopsis: The 1947 film comedy Miracle on 34th Street starred Edmund Gwenn as a bearded gentleman named Kris Kringle, who was convinced that he was the genuine Santa Claus. The earlier Miracle was good enough as it stood, so why remake it? Still, the full-color 1973 Miracle on 34th Street has the considerable advantage of Sebastian Cabot, his trademarked beard dyed snowy white, as Kringle, so it isn't as bad as expected. The story, which involves the commercial and legal ramifications of the "real" Santa taking ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Karen Walker
Horace Shellhammer
Judge Harper
"I'm a skeptic across the board, of ghosts and elves and ESP and the afterlife. But it doesn't...
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