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Miracle at St. Anna



Miracle at St. Anna
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R,2hrs 40min
September 26, 2008
Touchstone Pictures
Synopsis: Spike Lee's World War II film Miracle at St. Anna begins in 1983 with Hector Negron, a veteran of that war, unexpectedly shooting a customer dead. Police discover that the suspect, a quiet postal worker, kept a statue head worth millions of dollars in his apartment. An eager young reporter (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) interviews Negron in his cell about the mysterious artifact. While serving in the all-minority 92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Division, Negron and three comrades managed to sneak deep into enemy ... Full Synopsis
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Featured Cast
2nd Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stamps
Sergeant Bishop Cummings
Corp. Hector Negron
Private First Class Sam Train
Derek Luke in "Miracle at St. Anna" (Buena Vista)
Derek Luke, right, in "Miracle at St. Anna" (Touchstone Pictures)
Michael Ealy, left, Laz Alonzo, Derek Luke and Omar Benson Miller in "Miracle at St. Anna"...
Matteo Sciabordi, left, Omar Benson Miller and Michael Ealy in "Miracle at St. Anna" (Touchstone...
Matteo Sciabordi, left, Omar Benson Miller, Michael Ealy, Derek Luke and Laz Alonzo in "Miracle at...
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