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Mind Storm



Mind Storm
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R,2hrs 0min
Monarch Video
Synopsis: When we first meet beautiful, psychic private investigator Tracy Wellman (Emmanuelle Vaugier), she's confronting a psycho pedophile in a junkyard in a nearly fatal effort to rescue a young boy being held prisoner. Luckily, FBI agent Dan Oliver (Antonio Sabato Jr.) is nearby to help. But he's not around for her next case, in which she meets her mental match in mysterious cult leader David Mendez (Eric Roberts) as she tries to free a senator's daughter from his oily clutches. Naturally, agent Oliver ... Full Synopsis
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Crisply directed and punctuated with the proper amount of fiery action set pieces -- including a brief helicopter-on-helicopter dogfight -- Mindstorm uses its momentum to leap over gaping holes in the backstory-heavy plot. The psychic vs. psychic concept is interesting and most scenes have some sort of worthwhile twist to keep curiosity piqued. Emmanuelle Vaugier, who is nearly distractingly pretty, ... Read Review
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Mind Storm
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