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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring



Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
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PG,1hr 15min
UAV Corp
Synopsis: Sally Field had her first significant dramatic role in this "generation gap" TV movie. After a year's time in the world of hippies and drugs, Field returns home to the parents who'd all but booted her out. Mom and Dad (Eleanor Parker and Jackie Cooper) try their best to understand their wayward daughter, but still can't overcome their judgmental attitude. When Field's younger sister (Lane Bradbury) begins experimenting with drugs, her parents react with the same blind, close-minded rage that had ... Full Synopsis
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Although modern audiences may find it a bit dated and somewhat familiar, Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring will probably still strike chords with many people who grew up in or lived through the 1960s. The decades since this was produced have seen dysfunctional family movies proliferate, and there's been more than a little bit of attention paid to the social upheavals of the "hippie" era, so Spring ... Read Review
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Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
Maybe I'll Be Home in the Spring
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