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Loose Screws



Loose Screws
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R,1hr 15min
Walt Disney Video
Synopsis: Filmed in just four weeks one fine autumn in 1984, this amateur teen sex romp, with not a lot of sex but a lot of trying, was released a few years later as Screwballs II. A melange of young men and women with only physical contact on their minds have been put together in the same boarding school by their trusting parents. Some inkling of the level of the comedy involved is revealed by the names of these erstwhile students: Steve Hardman, Hugh G. Rection, and Marvin Eatmore. Enough said. ~ Eleanor ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Even by genre standards, this late straggler in the 1980's teen comedy cycle is pretty threadbare: the script throws out any pretense of story in favor of cut-rate vaudeville hijinks, the production values are at about a porno-film level and most of the supposedly high school-age cast members look like they are pushing thirty. Despite these many stumbling blocks, Loose Screws puts forth a surprising ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Brad Lovett
Steve Hardman
Hugh G. Rection
Marvin Eatmore
DVD Detailed Information
Loose Screws
Loose Screws: Screwballs II
Loose Screws: Screwballs II [Blu-ray]
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