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Long John Silver



Long John Silver
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1hr 46min
VCI Entertainment
Synopsis: Robert Newton repeats his Treasure Island role as Long John Silver in this Australian adventure film--and if anything, Newton is even more out of control this time around than he'd been in the earlier picture. Paying only lip service to the Robert Louis Stevenson original, the film is made up of several marginally related episodes. In the first, Silver rescues a governor's daughter, managing to save the day and crooked line his own pockets in the process. In the second, Long John quells a mutiny ... Full Synopsis
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A totally unnecessary sequel to Treasure Island, Long John Silver is at best a middling little pirate film. Its sole reason for existence is to showcase the title character so memorably created by Robert Newton in Island. In that first film, Newton's enjoyably hammy performance was balanced by a variety of other factors; here in Silver, it's the whole show, and that's not good. Newton's Silver is an ... Read Review
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Long John Silver
Jim Hawkins
Purity Pinker
Trip Fenner
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Long John Silver
Long John Silver: Return to Treasure Island
Return to Treasure Island
Long John Silver: Return to Treasure Island
Return to Treasure Island
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