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Lilacs in the Spring



Lilacs in the Spring
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1hr 34min
Wham USA
Synopsis: Anna Neagle is so overpoweringly good in Lilacs in the Spring (aka Let's Make Up!) that a times it's easy to forget that her co-star is Errol Flynn! Based on Glorious Days, a play by Robert Nesbitt, the film offers Neagle in four different characterizations. Suffering a concussion while serving in WW II, service performer Catherine Beaumont (Neagle) imagines herself to be Nell Gwynn, and still later fancies herself to be Queen Victoria (both of these historical personages had been played by Neagle ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Carole Beaumont, Lillian Grey, Queen Victoria, Nell Gwyn
John Beaumont
King Charles
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Lilacs in the Spring
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