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Karate Dog



Karate Dog
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PG,1hr 24min
Universal Studios
Synopsis: When his Zen master is mysteriously murdered and a biochemical maniac sets into motion a devious plan to control the entire world, it's up to one karate-chopping canine to leap into action in a hilarious tale of man versus man's best friend from A Christmas Story director Bob Clark. His master may be gone, but Cho Cho is determined to find out who the culprit behind the killing really is. In order to carry out his daring mission he'll need a little human help though, and when Cho Cho teams with a ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Just what happened to Bob Clark? The talented filmmaker behind such varied classics as A Christmas Story, Porky's and Black Christmas took a strange detour at the turn of the century when he started pumping out bizarre kiddie fare in the form of both Baby Geniuses flicks as well as this fun mess, Karate Dog! In a way, the guy is a visionary, because what kid doesn't want to see a kung fu fighting dog?!? ... Read Review
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Karate Dog
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