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In the Navy



In the Navy
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NR,1hr 25min
May 30, 1941
Universal Pictures
Synopsis: The third of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's starring films, In the Navy was released second; Universal had just made a bundle off Abbott and Costello's Buck Privates, and the studio wanted another "service" comedy put into circulation in a hurry. Abbott and Costello share over-the-title billing with Dick Powell, who plays a popular radio singer. Eager to avoid his screaming fans, Powell enlists in the Navy under an assumed name, hoping to serve his country incognito. Girl reporter Claire Dodd chases ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Sure, the plot of In the Navy isn't worth very much, but since when does plot have anything to do with whether an Abbott and Costello picture is any good. Truth to tell, making art was never high on the duo's list (nor on the list of any filmmaker who engaged them for a project); making fun was, and there's plenty of fun in Navy. It's silly fun, to be sure, but fun nevertheless. Naturally, anyone who ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Smokey Adams
Pomeroy Watson
Tommy Halstead/Russ Raymond
Dorothy Roberts
Disco producers Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo masterminded the Village People as a disco act that...
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In the Navy
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