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Hunter's Blood



Hunter's Blood
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R,1hr 42min
Synopsis: Hunter's Blood is a bloody action thriller reminiscent of Deliverance or The Hills Have Eyes in which an innocent, peaceful group of people is pitted against a clan of bloodthirsty savages. Five men set out to do some deer hunting in a remote area of Arkansas. David (Sam Bottoms) and his father, Mason (Clu Gulager), experienced hunters, lead a group of city-bred amateur hunters into an area where there have been a series of mysterious disappearances. Soon, they find themselves in danger as they ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
This Deliverance knockoff has a good cast and all the right elements but it never quite manages to convince. The main problem with Hunter's Blood is that it goes about its backwoods-thriller business in a style that is too leisurely: the windup takes too long to unfurl in Emmett Alston's script and, once the confrontations kick in, it never quite builds to the feverish pitch of tension that material ... Read Review
Featured Cast
David Rand
Melanie Rand
Mason Rand
Al Coleman
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