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Hit the Deck



Hit the Deck
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1hr 52min
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Synopsis: Hit the Deck is the second film version of the same-named 1927 hit Broadway musical. Though updated for the 1950s, the basic plot remains the same. Sailors Tony Martin, Vic Damone and Russ Tamblyn spend their entire shore leave in pursuit of three beautiful gals. Martin is "that way" about Ann Miller, Damone is stuck on Jane Powell, and Russ Tamblyn only has eyes for Debbie Reynolds. Some fun is extracted from the fact that Tamblyn is the son of by-the-book admiral Walter Pidgeon. Additional comedy ... Full Synopsis
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Gobs pursuing gals while on shore leave was a situation that had served musical movies well for many years (see On the Town, Follow the Fleet, Anchors Aweigh, etc.), but by 1955, it was a situation that needed some new twist if it wasn't to seem shopworn. Hit the Deck's screenplay doesn't find that new twist, and that fact -- plus some rather perfunctory dialogue -- keeps the film from being more than ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Susan Smith
Chief Boatswain's Mate William F. Clark
Carol Pace
Read Admiral Daniel Xavier Smith
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Hit the Deck [Blu-ray]
Hit the Deck [Blu-ray]
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