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Gorilla at Large



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NR,1hr 24min
January 1, 1954
Synopsis: Gorilla At Large is a more-or-less self-explanatory title for this thriller, set at an amusement park. The major attraction is the gorilla Goliath, and an act in which trapeze artist LaVerne Miller (Anne Bancroft) gets within inches of the ape's potentially deadly grasp. When fired employee Morse is found dead -- impaled on the spikes of the cage used in Goliath's act -- the police are called in; all signs point to the gorilla as the killer, except for the fact that Morse was dead before he was impaled, ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
In a way, it's a shame that Gorilla At Large is such a silly movie in so manny respects -- because whatever its shortcomings, it is a lot of fun, and not just in 3-D, the way it was released (though that element does help). There are some scenes of such colossal (and delightful) silliness, that modern audiences may stare with momentary disbelief (and we won't spoil it by describing them); other shock ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Joey Matthews
Laverne Miller
Detective Sgt. Garrison
Cyrus Miller
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