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Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood



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1hr 40min
Synopsis: This 1981 sequel to the 1979 made-for-TVer Goldie and the Boxer once again stars O.J. Simpson and Melissa Michaelsen as, respectively, boxer Joe Gallegher and Joe's 10-year-old manager Goldie Kellog. When Joe incurs the wrath of an evil promoter, he and Goldie high-tail it to Hollywood. They take refuge in the home of Babe (Stubby Kaye) and Cuddles (Sheila MacRae) a pair of Tinseltown "fringies" distantly related to Joe's trainer Wally (Jack Gilford, taking over for the first film's Phil Silvers). ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Joe Gallagher
Goldie Kellog
Scott Durkin
Brian Kilpatrick/Johnny Gems
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