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Get a Clue
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NR,1hr 47min
June 28, 2002
Disney Channel
Synopsis: Lindsay Lohan stars in this Disney Channel cable-TV movie as Lexy Gold, a rich, spoiled teenage girl. While writing the gossip column of her high school newspaper, Lexy suddenly decided to become an investigative reporter, with a favorite teacher as her "target." When the teacher turned up missing, Lexy and her pals promptly transformed themselves into private eyes, not only following clues but also publishing their findings in the local city paper. All this activity took a toll on Lexy's social ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Like many a Disney Channel Original Movie, Get a Clue is of most worth as a showcase for a young talent, in this case Lindsay Lohan. In 2002, Lohan had already shown promise in films, but she hadn't yet hit it big with Freaky Friday. In Clue, she's quite appealing, despite playing the kind of spoiled rich kid type that can very easily become annoying. There's a joyousness and an innocence in her performance, ... Read Review
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Get a Clue
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