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Gentle Giant



Gentle Giant
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1hr 33min
Synopsis: The title character is a benign 7-foot-tall grizzly bear (perhaps all grizzlies are benign, but we're not about to get close enough to find out). Little Clint Howard befriends the bear, naming the beast Ben. Clint's wildlife-officer dad Dennis Weaver and mom Vera Miles have some trouble adjusting to the boy's new pet, but all ends happily after a lengthy sojourn in the Everglades. The best scenes involve ex-Bowery-Boy Huntz Hall, here playing a grizzled old swamp tramp. The upshot of Gentle Giant's ... Full Synopsis
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Gentle Giant is a gentle adventure movie, the kind that parents can watch with their children without worrying that anything untoward is going to happen or that there will be too much blood and gore. (However, those with very sensitive children should be aware that there is a bit of death and sadness involved.) Those who want a film with more "oomph" and impact will need to look elsewhere, as will ... Read Review
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Tom Wedloe
Ellen Wedloc
Fog Hanson
Mark Wedloe
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