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Gaucho Serenade



Gaucho Serenade
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1hr 6min
Image Entertainment
Synopsis: Gene Autry rescues a young boy from a gang of kidnappers in this delightful musical-Western from Republic Pictures. Having lost their jobs with the rodeo, Gene and sidekick Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette) are heading west when they discover a young British stowaway, Ronnie Willoughby (Clifford Severn Jr.), who mistakenly assumes that the two cowboys represent his father's large "Rancho San Quentin." Gene, however, doesn't have the heart to tell the boy that San Quentin is no ranch at all, but the ... Full Synopsis
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More a road movie musical than a Western, strictly speaking, the Gene Autry Foundation's restored version of Gaucho Serenade is lightweight stuff packaged to near perfection. Autry and Mary Lee deliver a couple of knee-slapping cowboy hits and Smiley Burnette adds his own special brand of nonsense. Strong on comedy and light on action, Gaucho Serenade does contain one impressive stunt where Autry transfers ... Read Review
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Gaucho Serenade
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