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Frankenstein Created Woman



Frankenstein Created Woman
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NR,1hr 32min
Anchor Bay
Synopsis: Hammer Studios followed up Evil of Frankenstein with this entertaining sequel, again starring Peter Cushing as the quintessential mad scientist obsessed with the reanimation of dead bodies and the creation of superhuman creatures. His latest project involves transferring the mind of a wrongly-executed man into the body of his lover (former Playboy centerfold Susan Denberg), whose own suicide left her horribly disfigured. After restoring her beauty, the Doctor performs the mind-transference, which ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Frankenstein Created Woman is among the best of Hammer Film's horror classics, stylishly directed by Terence Fisher and featuring a subtle but sinister performance from Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein. The woman created is Playboy playmate Susan Denberg, fondly remembered by Star Trek fans as one of "Mudd's Women." As with many Hammer Films, part of the fun is enjoying Arthur Grant's rich cinematography ... Read Review
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Baron Frankenstein
Christine Kieve
Dr. Hertz
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Frankenstein Created Woman
Frankenstein Created Woman [Blu-ray]
Frankenstein Created Woman [Blu-ray]
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