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Forever Young, Forever Free



Forever Young, Forever Free
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NR,1hr 27min
Synopsis: Also known as Lollipop and E Lollipop, Forever Young, Forever Free is a studied piece of whimsy filmed in South Africa and Harlem. Norman Knox plays a white orphan installed in a South African mission; his best friend is black foundling Muntu Ben Louis Ndebele. When Norman requires emergency surgery, he is flown to New York, where he bemoans the fact that he has been separated from his black chum. Whereupon, Muntu and priest Jose Fesser jet to the big apple themselves--but Muntu gets lost in the ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Father Alberto
Carol Anne
Sister Marguerita
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Kelly Ripa (March 2000 and June 2004): Ripa was once a member of the "Lollipop" brigade -- women...
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