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Fist of the White Lotus



Fist of the White Lotus
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1hr 35min
January 1, 2003
Ground Zero
Synopsis: As a sequel to Executioners from Shaolin, this standard kung-fu actioner features Liu Jiahui as the fighter Hong Wending whose friends have been killed by the seditious White Lotus Society. He wants revenge. In order to prepare himself for the great confrontation with the head of the White Lotus fighters, White Eyebrow--otherwise known as Pai Mei--who has two remarkable skills: He can achieve weightlessness and he can draw his reproductive organs up into his stomach in order to protect them. Wending ... Full Synopsis
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This revenge tale from Shaw Brothers is an awesome blast of kung fu fun. Fist of the White Lotus takes the familiar "training for revenge" scenario common to chopsocky films and pumps it up to its limits, creating a story packed with arcane fighting techniques, bizarre methods of training, and several duels to the death. Lo Lieh and Gordon Liu do a fine job of anchoring the material with solid performances ... Read Review
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Hung Wen-ting
Abbot of White Lotus
Piao's Wife
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Fist of the White Lotus
Fist of the White Lotus
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