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Federal Protection



Federal Protection
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R,1hr 45min
Lions Gate
Synopsis: "Chop Chop" Frankie Carbone (Armand Assante) has made a career out of stealing cars for the mob in Chicago. An attempted assassination by a mob boss goes badly and Frankie retaliates, only to wind up in the hands of the Feds. Frankie agrees to testify against the mobsters and his life is suddenly worthless -- unless he submits to going into federal protection. The FBI gives him a new name -- Howard Akers -- and relocates him to a sleepy middle-class suburb in Little Rock, AR. Howard catches the attention ... Full Synopsis
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Director Anthony Hickox has turned in a rousingly successful thriller interlaced with dark comedy. Had the story just been between Frankie and Leigh, the film still would have passed most of the tests for an okay B-movie. But add the sex-obsessed Dennis and Bootsie and some vivid, offbeat characterizations by the villains, spend all the budget on several superb action set pieces, and you've got a piece ... Read Review
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Federal Protection
Federal Protection
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