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Et Mourir de Plaisir



Et Mourir de Plaisir
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NR,1hr 14min
September 14, 1960
Paramount Pictures
Synopsis: Previously filmed in 1932 as Vampyr, Sheridan LeFanu's classic psychological horror tale was given a second go round in 1961 as Blood & Roses (Et Mourir de Plaisir). While Carl Theodor Dreyer concentrated on mood and suspense in Vampyr, Blood & Roses director Roger Vadim goes directly to the jugular, so to speak, with generous doses of eerie eroticism. Annette Vadim plays Carmilla, who upon learning that she had a vampire ancestor becomes obsessed with finding out even more. Soon Carmilla has succumbed ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Leopoldo De Karnstein
Georgia Monteverdi
Carmilla Von Karnstein
Judge Monteverdi
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Blood and Roses
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