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Edge of the City



Edge of the City
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NR,1hr 25min
January 29, 1957
Synopsis: Edge of the City is a modern morality play, acted out in the railyards of New York. AWOL soldier John Cassavetes takes a job as a railroad worker, where he is taunted and bullied by supervisor Jack Warden, a union functionary appointed by the Mob. Cassavetes befriends his African-American co-worker Sydney Poitier, whose very presence enrages the bigoted Warden. Poitier dies in an "accident" arranged by Warden; Cassavetes knows the truth, but is frightened into silence by the corrupt union. Inspired ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Martin Ritt's film version of Robert Alan Aurthur's teleplay, A Man Is Ten Feet Tall is a taut, well-acted slice of New York street life. John Cassavettes stars as a troubled young man who finds himself caught between a black man (Sidney Poitier) who has befriended him and the racist, mobbed-up union boss (Jack Warden) of the freight yard where they both work. The film's locus of interest is less its ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Axel North
Tommy Tyler
Charles Malik
Ellen Wilson
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Edge of The City
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