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Dust Devil



Dust Devil
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R,1hr 27min
January 1, 1992
Synopsis: In this stylish supernatural horror story, Hitch (Robert Burke), a mysterious loner, wanders the deserts of the African nation of Nambia as he searches for the lost and suicidal. Hitch is wanted by the police in connection with the death a woman whose blood was used in a strange magic ceremony. A shaman consulted by the police and a pathologist investigating the killing believe that Hitch is a "Dust Devil," an evil spirit who can shift shape at will, taking the form of a man when it's convenient. ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Hitch/Dust Devil
Wendy Robinson
Ben Mukuros
Joe Niemand
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DVD Detailed Information
Dust Devil: The Final Cut [Limited Collector's Edition] [DVD/CD] [4 Discs]
Dust Devil: The Final Cut
Dust Devil
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