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Def-Con 4
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R,1hr 25min
Anchor Bay
Synopsis: Shot in 1983 but not released until 1985, this low-budget sci-fi adventure is set in a degenerate society sometime in the near future, with humans thrown back to the level of Neanderthals by nuclear war. Three astronauts, two men and a woman, are in charge of a space station armed with nuclear weapons when World War III erupts on earth. They remain in space to stay out of the conflagration but are forced to crash-land several months after the war has wiped out most of civilization. After the crash, ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
This odd little entry into the 1980's cycle of post-apocalyptic sci-fi films is modest but entertaining stuff for genre fans. Def-Con 4 has an interesting structure, starting as a claustrophobic drama between astronauts aboard a ship before returning to earth. The events of the second and third acts will be of a more familiar variety to genre fans but the script has an attentiveness to characterization ... Read Review
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Gideon Hayes
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