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Day of the Dead



Day of the Dead
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R,1hr 27min
First Look Pictures
Synopsis: Ving Rhames, Nick Cannon, and Mena Suvari star in director Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part II, Halloween: H20)'s remake of the apocalyptic gore-fest that originally concluded George A. Romero's zombie trilogy back in 1985. A small American town has been infected with a deadly virus, and the military is determined to contain the sickness by establishing quarantine. When the situation spirals out of control and the infected residents develop a taste for human flesh, the military and surviving residents ... Full Synopsis
No. 6: "Day of the Dead" (1985) Romero turned away here from the gaudier, funnier "Dawn of the...
"Day of the Dead" (1985) George A. Romero's first three "Dead" movies set a new standard for...
King of the Zombies: The flesh-eating films of George A. Romero With a fourth "Resident Evil" movie...
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Day of the Dead
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